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Women and pensions

Pension - women's pension

Women’s pensions are smaller than men’s!

Women live longer but are saving less. Is this you? Are you a woman? Do you save?

An article in last week’s Irish Independent highlighted women and their pensions. Frank has ways to help.

Factors contributing to no pension or low savings:

  • Women get paid less – therefore have less to save. Being a mother, they may have taken time off and often work shorter hours.


Franks Facts... almost 7 out of 10 part-time workers are women.


Men may earn more allowing them to save more into their pensions. Men often work overtime building up more hours than women. We need to fix this before it’s too late!

Picture this:
You are over 70 sitting in a cold house with an empty plate and dreaming about that beautiful cruise you promised yourself in your 30’s.

Frank’s great advice can help with this.  What are the advantages of Saving into a company pension scheme? Even if it is only a small amount, with time you can increase the percentage of your wages you wish to save into your pension. There are many advantages to a Pension scheme, tax – relief and also your employer’s contribution to your pension on your behalf.

So what happens if I am self-employed

Self – employed people can open a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA). This is the easiest option to start your own pension.  Should you choose this type of pension? There are two types non-standard PRSA and standard PRSA. Confused by this Frank can help! He will happily explain all pension options available to you.

There is also an option of a Personal Pension Plan (PPP). A Personal Pension offers a wider range of investment funds and usually have a better charging structure.

It’s not too late. 

Start saving for your pension today! 

Need advice Frank Ryan Finacial Services can help. Contact Frank today, he would be happy to run through all the different types of Pensions available and which one suits you and your family best.

Don’t put it off any longer.  Call Frank on  087 2557 448 or email Info@Frankryanfinancialservices.Com also Contact him through our website here.

Read more about Pensions on our Pensions Plan page. 

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